Frame and Cover

Frame and Cover Adjustment Specialist

Our team specializes in fine-tuning and adjusting frames and covers to meet precise specifications. Whether it's aligning manhole covers with the surrounding pavement for a seamless finish or ensuring storm drain covers are securely in place to withstand varying weather conditions, we have the skills and tools necessary to get the job done right.

Manhole Adjustment

Ensure precise alignment of manhole covers, enhancing safety and traffic flow.

Frame and Cover Replacement

Efficient replacements to restore utility access points' functionality and appearance.

Sewer Cover Adjustments

Maintain proper alignment of sewer covers to prevent blockages and contamination.

Storm Manhole Adjustments

We adjust storm manhole frames and covers for durability and effective drainage.

Our Process

Our process allows the paving contractor to quickly pave over the existing lids/covers, and we will follow behind them to adjust each one to the specified requirements, typically achieving a 1/4" depression below the roadway. This results in a superior ride over the final product and eliminates the need for paving contractors to guess and adjust for multiple elevations as they lay down asphalt.

Additionally, we adhere to DOT standards for circular die cuts around manholes in the roadway. Our method involves no jackhammering or structural damage during the removal or resetting process, and we ensure the protection of all sewer inverts on sewer manholes. We also offer comprehensive traffic control services to maintain a safe worksite environment.

Our expertise extends to both roadway and easement work, where we adjust and replace frames and covers as needed.

Our Service Reach

We proudly serve all of Connecticut, catering to a diverse clientele, including municipalities, water pollution control authorities, utility companies, contractors, and various private industries.

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